Catherine palace St. Petersburg

Catherine palace St. Petersburg

catherine palace st petersburg

Is there a person who hasn’t heard of Catherine palace St. Petersburg? It is one of the most popular destinations for everyone who visits our city. Catherine palace used to be a summer royal residence of Russian tsars and tsarinas. It is located in the small town of Pushkin which is situated 24 kilometers (15 miles) to the south of St. Petersburg. These lands were presented by Peter I to his wife Catherine I and she decided to build a private palace there. Hence the name of the palace – Catherine palace, after the first lady who owned it. Later the palace became the favorite residence of the empress Elizabeth I. The town was called Tsars Village then.

The must-sees of St. Petersburg Catherine palace

During the tour of St Petersburg Catherine palace, you’ll walk through a gallery of breath-taking gala rooms where balls, receptions, and official dinners took place. Even though Catherine palace has burnt down during the second World War, the restored interiors amaze with splendor and opulence. You will see the magnificent Great Hall, a wonderful example of Russian Baroque style, where the guests of honor could meet with the empress or the emperor. The White dining room was used for everyday meals with the “Indian flowers” porcelain service produced at Meissen Porcelain Factory displayed on the table. The Picture Gallery surprises with its 368 paintings upholstered on the walls just like wallpaper.

Of course the focal point of your tour will be a visit to the world-famous Amber room, which is sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world. In this room the walls are faced with colorful bright natural amber panels. These panels were lost during the war and the restoration works lasted for decades. They used more than 5 tons of amber to recreate the panels but what you’ll see is only 15% of all the amber that was used. They needed the amber of the highest quality, without any cracks or bubbles or parts of mosquitos in it. The Amber room was restored and opened for public in 2003 so now, just like many years ago, we can enjoy this sunny interior.

After the tour of the gala rooms, take a walk in the beautiful park laid out in front of Catherine palace. You will be met in the alleys and near the main entrances of the palace by marble statues and busts of gods and heroes of classical mythology. Among the most remarkable features of the park are pavilions created in the middle of the 18th century to Rastrelli’s designs.




Notes for the visitors of Catherine palace St. Petersburg

Please note, that it is very difficult to get the entrance tickets to St. Petersburg Catherine palace in summer, that is why we buy them in advance. Individual tourists who come to the palace on their own and want to buy the tickets on the spot spend several hours in lines before they can enter. Tour companies on the other hand, have separate entrances for the organized planned tours. Arranging a tour with a company, you will also have a professional licensed tour guide who speaks your language and will tell you everything you want to know. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any tours in any language but Russian at the palace to individual tourists, audio-guide is also not available. Note, that taking pictures at the Amber room is forbidden

Closed: on Tuesday and the last Monday of the month

Duration of a tour: 5 hours (including the drive there and back to St. Petersburg)

Official web site: Catherine palace St. Petersburg

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tour.


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