Visa-free Packages by Ferry to St. Petersburg

st petersburg highlightsThe easiest way to come to St. Petersburg visa-free is on board of the ferry. Take advantage of a special visa free regime available to the passangers of ferries and cruise ships! We at Lentina Travel Company have arranged many tours for the passengers of ferries and cruise ships so we know the process inside-out and are happy to save you some time on research and planning.

You already know you don't need Russian visa, so the first step of the tour arrangement is booking a ferry.The ferry schedule of 2020 allows you to come to St. Petersburg for one day or for three days. One-day trips are avilable from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (or from 09.30 am if you have priority pass from the ferry). Three-day trips can be arranged from Friday to Sunday or from Thursday to Saturday, depending on the week. You can board the ferry in Helsinki, Tallinn or Stockholm. Please find the detailed ferry schedule for 2020 here

Moby SPL Princess Anastasia Ferry

The Princess Anastasia is a large cruise ferry with a total passenger capacity of 2500 seats. On board of the ship there are 834 cabins and a car deck for 580 cars. The ferry offers various cabins and the developed infrastructure, as well as a SPA, restaurants, a cinema, children's club, showrooms, bars and discos - everything is adapted to the highest international standards. Our packages include 2-night accomodation in A/B class cabin aboard M/S Princess Anastasia Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Helsinki. These cabins offer the optimal combination of price and quality. The cabins are located on decks 4,5 and 6. The cabin is about 8.5 m2 and can accommodate 1-4 persons. All the cabins are equipped with comfortable clothes storage, air conditioning and individual shower room with universal gels and towels for each passenger. The class A cabins have a window and class B cabins are inside, without the window, otherwise the cabins are similar. Keep in mind that children over 7 years old need a separate space in the cabin, like adults.

You may book your ferry tickets online at the official web site of the ferry company and get the electronic tickets via email. The payment is made with a credit card, without any commission. We can also book the ferry tickets for you, then we add 5% service charge to the cost of the tickets.

Helsinki to St. Petersburg Day Trips

We have designed several tour itineraries that are perfect for those who come to St. Petersburg for the first time and want to make the most of their visit. There are so many sites to see! Of course it's impossible to fit everyhting into one or even three days but with our help you can explore the absolute must-sees that everyone has heard of and not waste time waiting in lines for the entrance tickets.

The ferry arrives to St. Petersburg at 9.00 am, after you pass through the passport control you will meet your tour guide at the port directly and your acquaintance with St. Petersburg begins. The ferry leaves later that day at 7.00 pm so we will bring you back to port by 6.00 pm to give you some time to go through the customs. This means you have about 8 hours in St. Petersburg! Not much, of course but we will make the most of the time we have. Check out our Helsinki to St. Petersburg visa-free day trips.

Three-day visa free St. Petersburg package

The ferry comes to St. Petersburg 2-3 times a week so you can easily stay here for almost three days. The ferry arrives to port at 9.00 am, you may spend 2 full days in St. Petersburg and about 8-9 hours on the 3rd day before you have to leave. You can spend this time any way you like - you can book a one-day tour or a two-day tour and add a ballet in the evening or a three-day tour or just book the ferry tickets and... explore the city on your own (although that may be tricky if you don't speak Russian). .


Hotel accommodation for three-day trips

Finding a room at a good hotel in St. Petersburg during the high season is not an easy task but rest assured we will do it for you! Choose the hotel category (3-star or 4-star) and we will book the double or twin room for you at a nice reliable hotel at the city center. Moreover, the rates that the hotels offer us are lower than what you see on the official web sites so you are saving not only your time, but also money. Here are the hotels that we use for our package tours:

  • 3Mosta Hotel, 3-star hotel, one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg with superb central location (close to the Church on the Spilt Blood, the Hermitage and Palace Square)
  • Agni Hotel, 3-star hotel that has great reviews as well as central location close to major attractions
  • Comfort Hotel, 3-star, located close to St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Pushka Inn hotel, 4-star hotel, again, one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg with great central location
  • Forum hotel, 4-star hotel that has great reviews on Trip Advisor web site and is located on Nevsky avenue directly
  • NasHotel, 4-star, one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg

In case all these hotels are booked on the days of your trip, we will offer an adequate replacement. If you don't need our help with the accommodation, that is just fine, we will recalculate the cost of the tour package for you accordingly.

How much does it cost?

The prices for the packages vary a lot due to many details: number of tour participants,type of the vehicle, tour itinerary, type of the hotel... it is difficult to account for every possibility. If you are interested in a detailed description of our special visa-free package, please send us a request via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some basic information: dates of tour, number of tour participants, prferrred hotel category (if you need accommodation) and anything else you think is important. In return we will send you a detailed tour offer with prices and options to consider. We are in love with what we do so we pay attention to every detail which helps us make your trip memorable, fun and hustle-free! Hope to meet you in St. Petersburg!