St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral


St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt was built in 1902-13 on the highest point in Kronstadt. It served primarily as a garrison church for the sailors quarted in the town.

The fortress of Kronstadt became the mightiest naval citadel in Europe by the end of the 19th century. In 1854 the mere sight of its fortifications was enough to turn back an Anglo-French squadron that had intended to break through to St. Petersburg.

The history of Kronstadt is connected with the history of Russian Navy, it does not only have a historical and cultural meaning but it is also a memorial to the glory of Russian navy. The biggest miltary port in the Baltics, the gala sea gate to Russia, secret city-garrison, the base of Baltic fleat, the city of sailors, navy officers, shipbuilders, scientists - it's all Kronstadt. During Soviet times it was a closed military city, nobody could get in without a special permission. Only in 1990s it was opened for tourists and now we have a chance to explore this wonderful town!

Closed: open daily

Duration of a tour: 5-6 hours (including driving threre and back to St. Petersburg)

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