Alexander's palace in Pushkin


Alexander's palace in Pushkin was planned in 1792 and intended by Catherine II for her beloved grandson Alexander, on the occasion of his marriage to the daughter of the Margrave of Baden-Baden who became Grand Dutchess Elizabeth Alexeyevna. Alexander I hardly lived at the estate, but it was much loved by Nicholas I and later by Nicholas II who was born at Tsarskoe Selo and gave the palace the status of the official imperial residence.   

Here the family of the last Russian emperor spent its last days before they were sent to Syberia and never returned. The palace was severely damaged during the WW II and later in Soviet period. Although Alexander's palace can't rival the splendor of Catherine's palace, its interiors are authentic - you feel that it was a home and not just a residence where the royal family lived. The most interesting interiors are the Reception Room of the emperor where the ministeries and ambassadors waited before they were allowed to meet the emperor and the Main Study of Nicholas II where the emperor had the meetings with the ministers  and played billiard with the Grand Dukes.  The Corner Drawing Room of the empress Alexandra Fiodorovma where musical concerts were held, also survived. 

Closed: on Tuesdays and last Wednesday of the month

Duration of a tour: 5 hours (including driving threre and back to St. Petersburg)

Note, that Alexander's palace is closed for restoration till the middle of 2018 so we don't offer any tours there for now.

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