Kazan Cathedral

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The Cathedral of the Icon of the Virgin of Kazan, one of the great masterpieces of Russian Classicism, is among the largest places of worship in Russia. The building is 71.6 metres high. Its colonnade, a favourite subject for professional photographers, has remained for almost two centuries perhaps the finest adornment of Nevsky Prospekt.

The iconostasis, cast from looted Russian silver recovered from the French in 1812, was confiscated after the revolution and is now gradually recreated with funds provided by the parishioners. The icon of the Virgin of Kazan that gave the cathedral its name is one of the most precious copies of a legendary icon that appeared in Kazan in the 16th century. The fate of the original is unknown, Since the Polish intervention and the liberation of Moscow in 1612 by volunteers led by Minin and Pozharsky, the Virgin of Kazan has been considered the protectress of Russian forces and, since 1649, of the House of Romanov

The body of the great military commander Mikhail Kutuzov was buried with great honor in the Kazan Cathedral. Alongside his tomb are French banners and the keys of towns and cities taken by the Russians. The richly articulated exterior of the building was executed in Pudost limestone and abundantly decorated with reliefs and sculpture.

Closed: open daily, it is a functioning Orthodox Cathedral

Duration of a private tour : guided tours are not allowed inside, but you can visit Kazan Cathedral during the city tour.

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