St. Petersburg River Cruise

st. petersburg river cruise

St. Petersburg river cruise or a boat trip on the city’s rivers and canals have gained a great popularity lately. The navigation period in St. Petersburg extends from April to October. Dozens of steamers, motorboats and other vessels are moored at every landing. There are cruise boat trips to any taste. Some sail smoothly and speedily across the Gulf of Finland, other can go under the lowest bridges of the city’s historical center. Their covered cabins allow taking trips in any weather. You can choose a traditional route or take a cruise of your own following an individual route.

Why do St. Petersburg river cruise?

St. Petersburg looks like two different cities from the water and from the land. St. Petersburg of those travelling on the waterways is quite unlike St. Petersburg of pedestrians. The capital of Imperial Russia was built to be seen primarily from the see and rivers, so only the view from the water can help you understand the uniqueness of this city which looks like fantastic theatrical stage-sets and appreciate its mystical atmosphere. Until you sail on its waterways, find yourself under the low stone arches of its bridges and feel what it is like to make turns following the course of its rivers and canals and see that every new turn reveals either an inimitable, unforgettable view of the city or an unusual sight of its embankments, you won’t understand why the city is often called the Venice of the North.

Peter I planned the city as sea and river port, the main trade center with the European states. Marshes were drained and canals were dug. The canals were used both for the defense and as transportation routes. Today the total length of all the rivers and canals in St. Petersburg is over 300 kilometers. The embankments are often faced with granite. It is known, that water occupies 10% of the city and the total amount of rivers and canals is over 100. You will see only the main ones during your St. Petersburg river cruise: Neva river, Moyka river and Fontanka river. You will see the main St. Petersburg attractions during the tour: the Hermitage, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Bronze Horseman, the Annunciation bridge, University emb. with the Academy of Science and Kunstkammer museum, Rostrum columns, Peter and Paul’s fortress, Trinity bridge, Aurora Cruiser, Summer gardens, Chizhyk-Pyzhyk, Michael’s Castle, St. Petersburg circus building, Sheremetev palace, Anichkov bridge and the Church on the Spilt Blood.




Notes for those who book St. Petersburg river cruise

We often include St. Petersburg river cruise in our tour itineraries or it can be added to any itinerary that you choose. We can also arrange the night boat tour for you if you want to see the drawn up dridges during the white nights. The small group tour option includes tours with the audio guides in English or other language that you may choose. Bigger groups get a private boat when their guide conducts the excursion. Sometimes when it is rainy and windy, the water in the canals rises so that the boats can’t go under the bridges, then the river cruise is not possible. In that case you will be offered to replace St. Petersburg river cruise with another tour or the money for the river tour will be returned.

Available: every day from April to October

Duration of a tour: 1-1.5 hours depending on the route.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tour.


Please see below the itineraries that include rivers and canals boat tour

  • Three-day intensive tour

    Three-day intensive tour

    175 votes

    This tour includes everything you might want to see having just 3 days in St. Petersburg! Every minute counts!

    29 hours

    From: $550

    Highlights: Pushkin, Peterhof, the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church on the Spilt Blood, subway, river tour, Pavlovsk palace, farmer's market, Peter & Paul's fortress, Faberge museum, Nevsky Avenue

  • Three-day moderate tour

    Three-day moderate tour

    165 votes

    This tour combines active and relaxed activities as well as leaves you time to explore the city on your own.

    22 hours

    From: $475

    Highlights: Pushkin, Peterhof, the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church on the Spilt Blood, subway, river tour, farmer's market, Peter & Paul's fortress, Yusupov palace

  • Rivers and canals tour with Peter and Paul's Fortress

    Rivers and canals tour with Peter and Paul's Fortress

    202 votes

    This short tour acquaints you with the city. You will see the oldest part of the city - Peter and Paul's fortress and have an inside tour or Peter and Paul's Cathedral. After that you will have a one-hour rivers and canals cruise, showing you all the major St. Petersburg...

    4 hours

    From: $115

    Highlights: Peter and Paul's fortress and Cathedral, boat city tour

  • See-it-all tour

    See-it-all tour

    432 votes

    This tour includes all the must-sees of the city. It doesn't leave you much free time but helps to make the most out of the time you have in St. Petersburg. This is the most often requested tour program from the tourists who come to our city just for 2 days.

    19 hours over 2 days

    From: $380

    Highlights: Peter and Paul's fortress, Catherine's palace in Pushkin (Amber room), Peterhof fountain park, Hermitage with early entrance, Church on the Spilt Blood, rivers and canals boat tour, Yusupoff's palace OR Faberge museum