Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

yusupov palace in st petersburg

Yusupov palace in St. Petersburg was one of the most elegant residences in Europe in the 19th century. Yusupov family was among the richest families in Russia before the socialist revolution of 1917, that is why this palace ranks with the finest palaces of the royal family. Yusupov family line goes back at least as far as Romanovs. The palace lets you feel the atmosphere of luxury and comfort, showing fine taste and character of the owners.

Yusupovs bought this palace in 1830s and it was much enlarged and completely redecorated. Later each new generation of Yusupovs made further improvments and the society pages of the 19th century were scattered with reports of balls and receptions at the Yusupov palace. It is the only palace in St. Petersburg with a functioning home theater. One of its owners was so fond of theater performances that he decided to build one of his own right in this palace. Besides, his wife was a great actress and she often performed there. Now they also use this theater for small ballet performances for the public. The last owners of the palace wereCount Sumarokov-Elston, his wife Zinaida Yusupova and their son Felix, who married Grand Duchess Irina, a niece of Nicholas II.

Yusupov palace mystery

This luxurious palace that belonged to a fabulously rich Yusupov family is well-known not only for its splendor and opulent interiors but also as a place of a mysterious and even mystical murder. Felix Yusupov is associated with a conspiracy with a tragic outcome, when on the night of December 16, less than 3 months before Nicholas II's abdication, Grigory Rasputin was killed in St. Petersburg Yusupov Palace. Felix Yusupov and his friends and conspirators tried to poison Rasputin in the basement of the palace. They offered him tea and cake poisened with potassium cyanide that did not seem to make any effect when Rasputin ate them. So they shot Rasputin several times and threw the body into the river. The mureder case was never completely solved. During the tour you will see the official state rooms as well as special exhibition dedicated to Rasputin's mysterious murder.

In 1918 the palace was requisitioned, all its treasures nationalized and later transferred to the Hermitage.




Notes for the visitors of St. Petersburg Yusupov palace

If you have limited time in St. Petersburg and don't want spend hours driving to the suburban royal residences, this may seem like a good replacement. It is possible to rent audio guides that will take you through the gala rooms, however the exhibition dedicated to the murder of Rasputin can only be arranged as a guided tour. Unfortunately on the busiest days when many tour groups come to the palace, this exhibition may be closed for public at all.

Closed on: the palace is open daily from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

Duration of a tour:3 hours (including the inside tour and the drive to the palace and back to the cruise port or your hotel)

Official web site: Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

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