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The tour begins with a short drive to Nevski Avenue, the main street of St. Petersburg, that runs through the historical center from the Admiralty to Moskow Railway Station. Since the 18th century it has been the center of the rapidly growing city. This street is lined with magnificent architectural ensembles and offers a wealth of cultural interests including cathedrals and churches, numerous theaters and movie houses, the Small Philarmonic Concert Hall, the city's National Public Library and numerous cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. It is also the main shopping area of St. Petersburg. 

You may visit Yeliseev's Food Hall that also has a cafe and a restaurant, the main book store of the city, Galeria Shopping Mall that opened a few years ago and Passage Shopping Arcade as well as various gift shops.

Duration: depending on your request

souvenir3Note: the guide will be with you during the tour helping you when necessary. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Buying antiquities is not recommended since you'd have to get a special permission from local authorities as taking items of historical and cultural value out of Russia is forbidden. Getting a permission might take weeks and will also cost a lot.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange the tour. 





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