Erarta Contemporary Art Museum


The Erarta Contemporary Art Museum is Russia's largest private museum of contemporary art and it gives every visitor the opportunity to discover the best works of Russian modern artists. The museum collection currently consists of approximately 2000 works by over 140 artists, representing various regions of Russia, and its collection constantly grows. Paintings make up the majority of the museum collection but it also includes graphics, sculptures, installations and some other types of modern art. 

When choosing works for the museum collection, they use the key criterion of talent, not the artist's popularity or belonging to a certain stream or group. Erarta doesn't necessarily follow thwe opinion of known experts, nor does it seek to impress its visitors with the ready-made viewpoints of the recognized authorities. You are welcome to make your own judgements and choices. Discover new names, a new you and enjoy! erarta2

U-Space special project. A U-space is an independent art object which may also become your private experimental living space for a certain time period. A U-space is supposed to bring out associations in the visitor's heart and mind and to give him/her time to experience deep emotions in a private environment. 

Closed: on Tuesdays

Duration of an inside tour: 2 hours

Note: Visiting U-space is strictly time-constricted, lasts for 15 minutes and every session will start and finish exactly on time indicated on your ticket. If you buy a ticket to any U-space (they have separate tickets for U-spaces and general museum exhibitions), you are welcome to bring up to four people with you.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tour.