Nevsky Prospekt

nevsky prospekt

Nevsky prospekt is simply the center of St. Petersburg. It's impossible to imagine that anyone coming to St. Petersburg would miss out on walking or driving along Nevsky prospekt, its main street. It runs from the Admiralty to the St. Alexander Nevsky Monastery and ranks with the most-famous architectural ensembles. You will find here the majority of museums, churches, theaters, restaurants, shops and clubs. It's the main source of various experiences and new acquaintances. Before the October Revolution of 1917 Nevsky prospekt connected the Winter Palace and Anichkov Palace - two of the main royal residences where official ceremonies, dinner parties and balls took place. Emperors Alexander I and Nicolas I enjoyed walking along Nevsky prospekt and the court people followed them. It has always been the most festive, the most elegant street of the city.

What to see on Nevsky prospekt

Start your walk at the Admiralty, which is a part of Nevsky prospekt ensemble. The history of the Admiralty goes back to the beginning of the 18th century when the shipyards were founded by Peter the Great. East of the Admiralty is Palace square, one of the most beautiful in the world. The square lies in front of the Winter palace, which is now part of the world-famous Hermitage museum. Walk under the arch of the General Staff Headquarters building and continue to Griboyedov canal. The buildings you see on your way used to be palaces of noblemen before the October revolution 1917. Now the buildings serve different purposes although the exteriors retain their original decoration. Kazan Cathedral is the only functioning Orthodox Church on Nevsky prospekt. It is the city’s main cathedral and ranks with the undoubtable masterpieces of Russian art. Its colonnade is one of the major highlights of Nevsky prospekt. The second most impressive building on Nevsky prospekt is known as the House of Books. Crowned with a globe at the corner, lavishly decorated it ranks with masterpieces of St. Petersburg architecture of the early 20th century. Standing on a bridge across Griboyedov canal you will see a panoramic view with the Cathedral of the Resurrection generally known as “The-Saviour-on-the-Spilt-Blood”. Its architectural design is unusual for St. Petersburg as it is sustained in the style of traditional Russian Orthodox Churches of the 16-17th centuries. As you continue walking along this busy street, discover more fascinating buildings and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old city.

Shopping and restaurants on Nevsky prospekt

Don’t forget to explore Gostiny Dvor, a giant building occupying an area that is only slightly second to the ensemble of the Hermitage. Gostiny Dvor is the main (and most expensive) shopping center of St. Petersburg. Since you are on the main street, you will find hundreds of shops where you can find anything you like, including antiques, art, souvenirs, jewelry, cosmetics, designer clothes, shoes and bags, books, electronics and other things. As for the restaurants, you will definitely find the one you’ll love. From fancy restaurants to small cafes, there are endless options. We recommend Dachny restaurant with traditional Russian menu and Restaurant #5 in the building of Eliseev’s food store with the most delicious desserts ever.



Notes for the visitors of Nevsky prospekt


Open: daily, however the street can be closed for vehicles on celebration days, then Nevsky becomes the main walking area of the city.

Duration of the tour: walking or driving along Nevski prospekt is usually a part of the tour program. We offer a half-day tour Highlights of St. Petersburg as well as a half-day walking city tour which cover all the sites mentioned here and are perfect for those who come to St. Petersburg for the first time.

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Please see below the itineraries that include walking along Nevsky Prospekt

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