Splendid St. Petersburg tour

Splendid St. Petersburg tour

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  • 16 hours

    from 2 persons

    from $299

    Options: we could arrange a visit to one of the Gold rooms of the Hermitage (has to be booked in advance); we could arrange an evening event like going to the ballet or folk show.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1
08.30-08.45 am

Passing the Passport control and meeting your personal guide.

08.45 - 10.00 am

Drive to Peterhoff.

10.00 am - 11.00 pm

Inside tour of Grand Palace of Peterhof (special EARLY ENTRANCE).

11.00 - 1.00 pm

Peterhoff Fountain Park tour. Lunch (optional).

1.00 - 2.00 pm

Drive back to the city (can be replaced with a hydrofoil ride at extra charge).

2.15 - 2.45 pm

Tour of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

3.00 - 4.00 pm

Rivers and canals boat tour.

4.15 - 4.45 pm

Shopping or continuation of city tour.

5.00 pm

Back to the ship or optional evening program.

Day 2
9.00 am

Meeting your personal guide next to the passport control.

9.00 - 10.00 am

City tour.

10.00 am - 10.45 pm

Tour of Peter and Paul's Fortress (including the tour of Peter and Paul's Cathedral).

11.00 - 1.30 pm

The Hermitage visit.

1.45 - 2.45 pm


3.00 - 3.30 pm

Tour of the Church of Savior on the Spilt Blood.

3.30 - 4.30 pm

Kuznechny market visit/walking along Nevski prospekt .

5.00 pm

Back to the ship.



Each of the sites included in the tour description will be visited sometime during the day. Tour order will vary to avoid overcrowding at venues, opening and closing times or other logistical issues.


The detailed tour description

This two-day tour is one of our most popular tour itineraries. It is very well-balanced, combining various tours and activities. You will see the absolute must-sees of St. Petersburg and learn a lot about Russian history starting with the 18th century, the lives of Russian tsars and tsarinas, the story of Russian revolutions, the communist era and of course the modern life. The itinerary can be arranged on any 2 days of week and can be adjusted to any cruise ship's schedule. We often suggest this tour to families with children as the it includes the places that are usually favoured by children: beautiful park with dozens of fountains, a mysterious fortress, a rivers and canals boat tour as well as magnificent palaces to explore.

You start with a drive to Peterhof, the beautiful suburban city that used to be the summer residence of the royal family. It will take you about an hour to get there so just relax in your comfortabe vehicle while your tour guide shows you around. To save your time and make the tour as relaxed as possible for you, we offer special early entrance tickets to the palace so you can go there before it is officially opened for public. This means you will enjoy walking in a much less crowded palace which is a great advantage, especially during the high season. After the tour of the palace you'll walk in the amazing fountain park that not only rivals the fountain park of Versailles but beats it in its glory and splendor (according to the team of Lentina Travel).

If you feel hungry you can grab a bite at a local cafe in Peterhof or find a place to sit down when you come back to St. Petersburg. Keep in mind, that if you are with a group of 6 persons or more, it might be a good idea to arrange lunch in advance. We can send you the menu options so you'll know exactly what you'll have and how much it will cost. And you won't waste time trying to find a venue that can accommodate a big group within the limited time allocated for lunch.

When you return to St. Petersburg, you'll go straight to the biggest Cathedral of St. Petersburg - St. Isaac's Cathedral. Even though it is open as a museum, it is also a functioning church where they have services on Sundays and on the days of Christian holidays (like Easter, Christmas and others). If you are fit and have spare time, you may go up to the colonnade of the Cathedral to see the panoramic view of the cenral part of St. Petersburg and take some brethtaking pictures.

Before returning back to the ship, relax during a leisurely ride along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, see the city from a different angle. Do they rightfully call St. Petersburg "the Venice of the North"?

Your second tour day will be full with impressions as well. First you'll drive to the oldest part of St. Petersburg - Peter and Paul fortress. The architecture here brings you back to the beginning of the 18th century. You'll learn why the city was built here and how the will of a single person changed the whole course of history for the Russian Empire.

Next on your way is the world-famous Hermitage museum. You will explore the four buildings of the main museum complex, focusing on the gems of the art collection by the well-known European artists of 15-19th centuries. Even if you're not really fond of art, the Hermitage has a lot to offer: sculptures, lace, magnificent interiors... You will walk through the richly adorned royal interiors of the Winter Palace, that used to be the winter residence of the royal family. Please note, that the collection of French impressionists is not part of the general tour as it is located in a neighbouring building and requires separate entrance ticket.

The Hermitage takes a lot strength from its visitors so after your visit you'll have some time to relax and restore your strength during lunch at one of local cafes or restaurants.

Then we'll take you to a very beautiful small venue - the Church on the Spilt Blood. It is truly unique, there are only a few churches with siilar interior decoration in the world so it is definitely a place not to miss.

Before going back to the ship, you can either do some souvenir shopping at local souvenir shops (you don't need roubles, they accept cards and USD/EUR) or walk along Nevsky prospekt - the main street of St. Petersburg or do more city tour.

We'll bring you back to the cruise port just in time to board your ship and get ready to the departure. We don't risk getting back last minute so rest assured that you will be on board of the ship about an hour before it's scheduled to depart.

Keep in mind, that a private tour can be adjusted to your wishes and interests. For example, we can replace the tour of Peterhof palace and park with the tour of Catherine's palace (with the Amber room) at no extra charge.

Cost of the private tour:

Special offer for tour leaders with bigger groups →
Number of people in the group 2 3 4 5 6
Price per person, USD 465 375 325 300 285
TOTAL price, USD 930 1125 1300 1500 1710

Don't mind joining a group?

Sign up for a fixed-rate small group tour with an English-speaking guide at $299 per person! No more than 6 (SIX) persons in a group. The rate remains the same even if just 2 persons book the tour!

The price includes:

FREE tour tickets (special cruise visas) for cruise ship passengers

Pick up and drop off at the port terminal directly

The services of an English-speaking guide and his/her undivided attention

The rent of a comfortable vehicle with a/c and driver services

The tickets to all the venues in the program

The permission for amateur photo and video

Boat tour tickets

The cost of headphones for groups of 6 pax or more

Parking fees

Free bottled water (1 bottle per person per day)

The price does NOT include:

The cost of lunch (about USD 10-15 per person per day at a cafe, about USD 25-40 per person per day at a restaurant)

Tips to the guide/driver (at your discretion, usually about 10% of the total tour cost to both)

Health insurance

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